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Aiko Narissara Yeung (楊馥甄 ), 香港視覺藝術家。2012年10月開始全情投入藝術創作之工作,因其獨特風格,在短短半年間,舊有作品已全部售出。並先後為 Love Moschino 設計時裝插畫,代表 DOLCE & GABBANA 出席亞洲首個在香港 Lane Crawford 辦的 skin care line exclusive launch 的畫作活動。參與ViVi Magazine插畫活動,為WWF畫宣傳畫, 與香港十四位知名創作單位於  "SEAT FOR ART" UNICEF慈善拍賣展展出,並受Human Rights Campaign邀請參與於美國的 “Yours Truly: 100 Postcards for Human Rights"展出。 


Aiko Narissara Yeung, a visual artist in Hong Kong. She has devoted herself to art career since October 2012. With Aiko's unique style, she sold all of her old works in just half a year. At the same time, she worked with Love Moschino, Dolce& Gabbana, ViVi Magazine and charity organizations like WWF , Unicef, Human Rights Campaign. Works exhibited in USA, Canada and Hong Kong.

Recent Exhibition:

Oct 2013: Seat for Art (group): HomeSquare: Hong Kong, China

May 2014: Yours Truly: 100 Postcards for Human Rights (group): Alexi Era Gallery: Saint Louis, USA               

Jul 2014: Contemplation: Gallery M Contemporary: Toronto, Canada

Jul 2015: Ping Pong: Comics X Cross-media Creation Exhibition: Hong Kong

Apr 2016: MW 都市「展」英雄:A Little Action A Great Influence: Hong Kong

Sep 2016: Asia Contemporary Art Show: Artasy: Hong Kong

Class with Aiko:

1. Art of Storytelling ( Age 7+ )

2. Drawing techniques  ( Age 7+ )

3. Create your Cartoon Character ( Age 8+ )

4. Advanced Portrait Drawing ( Age 14+ )

***By appointment***