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Theme of OCTOBER:

90's Horror Movies

課程的目的是創建一個讓孩子宣洩情緒,啟發思維的環境,而活動內容為 Messy art & Creative Play。當參與的小孩子進入課室後,他們會由老師帶領進入一種情緒範圍,繼而這個放鬆學習的過程,會引導孩子們發洩情緒,包括文字上,說話甚至行動上。重點在於,老師要作一個非常中立的引領角色,從中教導孩子們認識情緒,分析自己的”Dislike”和“Like”。擁有自我選擇的空間。




混色概念及圖像轉換​/師生比例 1:2


 Sensory Play Class  

 -age 2-3   學前感官課程   

Sensory Art Projects are always a hit with kids.  They love exploring new art projects.  Sensory art is a great way for kids to explore new textures, techniques… Sensory art is a way for them to freely express themselves with no expected outcome like with crafts.  Do not get me wrong we love crafts too. But with our sensory art projects I give the kids supplies and let them take over. 

Teaching method:

/Sensory Play
/Messy Painting
/Rocks doodles training
/Stories and matching exercises
/Shape movement games and colour mixing


Original price

$2160/ 8 lessons or
$1250/ 4 lessons

Trial class

$150/ lesson

 *All art materials and smocks included.

課程著重拓展學生的視野, 由遠至近, 提升觀察的敏感度, 加強創作能力及令孩子能在課堂中表現獨有的感官和風格, 並且透過作品鼓勵孩子自我表現, 強調學習態度及獨立思考的重要性。


- 每月一個貼近生活的主題, 以學生對主題探索後的想法實踐於創作上
- 自主學習,過程專注以兒童自我選擇為創作根本
- 小組討論形式上課, 培養良好溝通和表達技巧
- 每期作品含平面與立體作品元素

- 平衡發展各項媒體運用能力及基本藝術理論 (基本色彩學, 構圖設計, 腦激盪方法)

- 師生比例 1:3, 3-5歲混齡上課


 Be an Explorer!  

 -age 3-5   藝術探索課程   

Let’s put our explorer cap on and get on an art adventure! In this course, children are encouraged to confidently express their feelings and style in their artwork while exploring into the miraculous world of art!

Teaching method:
/Monthly theme, art practice through the kids own idea and expression on the topic
/Encourage children's Self-motivation on learning and all courses design are mainly focus on children's need and let them enjoy the process of making art
/Group discussion for better communication skills
/All-rounded art training and direction (colour theory, design elements, brainstorming)

Original price

$2160 / 8 lessons or
$1250 / 4 lessons

$320   / lesson

Trial class

$150/ lesson

*All art materials and smocks included.



age 6-9 (認識與實踐)
age 10-12 (建立個人風格)

- 藝術家簡介及其風格練習
- 獨立創作,培育個人創意及經驗
- 個人藝術風格建立與實踐
- 藝術創作技巧指導 (平面與立體)

-師生比例 1:3


 Little Master Art  

 -age 6-9 / age 10-12  


Since imitating is the natural way for kids to learn, we will bring them as many experiences as we can to let them inspire by the artist more through learning their unique style and skills as a platform for kids to enhance their art and further develop their own style.


Course Outline:
/Brief discussion on artists influences in contemporary art field
/Individual art practise, media experiments
/Style development and analysis
/Individual tutorial and concept developments

Original price

$2160 / 8 lessons or
$1250 / 4 lessons

$320   / lesson

Trial class

$150/ lesson

 *All art materials and smocks included.






*師生比例 1:1

 Portfolio Project  

 -age  13 or above/ adult  



Any art lovers who would like to strengthen their professional experiences !


Making art with fresh artists  brings out their imagination. Let them experience creating 3D art/media art/Photography/Mix media Painting with teachers and soon they may be coming up with their own project ideas. Supplies for student's art projects can be found around the studio or maybe they can bring their own! Use what you have to create something new and start your first step into the art world.

2 -hour Individual lesson for 


$7800/10 lessons

1 -hour Individual lesson (adult)

$400/ 1 lessons

$250/trial class


 Art As Threapy and

Consultation Service  


Co-working partner:






$800-$1000/session (1-1.5hr)

*Contact us for more detail.