Language Class by UNI EDUCATION


Art of Storytelling

Age 5 & above


Learn to express by drawing from own experiences to build a unique vivid storybook, authentic characters, and complex plots. There are extraordinary stories that only your kids can write—start sharing them!

In the program, kids is going learn languages through a fun class of art. Not only assisting them to build an interest on learning the language, but also encouraging creativity and expressing themselves. Meanwhile, the program would help your kid on building their extensive vocabulary list by creating their own stories. 


Class Outline:
Plotting story by brainstorming, sharing & mind map techniques 
/Create characters
/Explore how to illustrate an idea & emotions through drawing
/Story organisation and sketches
/ Drawing and simple story writing
/Final touch up & Presenting

Painting Class


UK RWI English Course

For K1 to P6 Students

RWI is the most popular English language course in the UK, with more than 4,000 primary schools using the curriculum. Studies in the UK have shown that students achieve better results in the Standard Assessment Tests (SATs) after completing RWI, demonstrating that Synthetic Phonics can effectively improve children’s English reading and writing abilities.

We have over 10 years of experience in teaching RWI and our teachers are qualified RWI instructors. We will first teach children the 44 pure sounds and the techniques of blending & segmenting, helping them to spell, read, and write new vocabulary accurately and more effortlessly. After 3 months of classes, children will master simple blending and segmenting skills. Then, after establishing the foundation of pure sounds pronunciation, instructors will gradually progress and train their listening, speaking, reading, and writing abilities through different engaging activities.

Step 1—Learn Letters & Sounds

Step 2—Master the Technique of Blending & Segmenting:

Step 3—Improve Reading and Writing Abilities:

Art Class

Fun with Comprehension & Writing

C&W English Course

For P1 to Junior High School Students

Master the key strategies to read and write better

Reading and writing complement each other. Through reading, children can expand their vocabulary, understand essay structures as well as learn about new subject matters for future writing. On the other hand, the mastery of writing strategies can help them to better comprehend the theme and the content of each piece of writing. Hence, it is vital to systematically teach reading and writing strategies with regards to different genres, in order to improve overall English abilities.


Read and write different essays to improve vocabulary and grammar

The course exposes children to essays of diverse topics, which not only helps them to accumulate vocabulary, but also consolidates their abilities to apply grammatical knowledge. In addition, reading and analyzing articles of various subjects also help to cultivate children's critical thinking and creativity.