Weekly Regular English Class  

  English Starters  

  趣意英語 - 英語啟蒙   

  Age 3-4   

Through interesting activities, such as songs, stories, sensory games, drama, children will acquire English listening and speaking skills.

(6 -12 months program)



$2360 /10lessons  

$1180 / 4 lessons 

$100 / trial lesson

  English Phonics  

  英文閱讀 - 拼讀法   

  Age 4 -12   

Jolly Phonics is a comprehensive and systematic Phonics program. It uses multi-sensory method to teach children letter sounds, letter formation, blending and identifying sounds in words skills.

(12 month program)

內容是一個全面並系統的英文拼讀法Jolly Phonics,通過多元感官的學習方法,學會英文的字母音、書寫、拼讀、串生字等技巧。


$2360 /10lessons  

$1180 / 4 lessons 

$100 / trial lesson

  English Reading  

  and Writing  

  -Spelling and Grammar   

  英文讀寫 - 拼字與文法  

  Age 6-12   

Jolly Grammar is the continuation of Jolly Phonics which teaches children spelling and grammar, thus strengthens their comprehension and writing skills.

(6 year program)

內容是延續Jolly Phonics的Jolly Grammar課程。讓學生不斷地加強拼讀,理解與創意寫作能力。


$2360 /10lessons  

$1180 / 4 lessons 

$100 / trial lesson

  Jolly Music   


  Age 3-5   

This class is teaches Jolly Music to children. Children get to learn the five basic skills in music. The five skills are: pulse, rhythm, pitch, musical memory and inner hearing.Jolly Music is developed by two experienced music teachers who adopt Kodaly approach as the backbone of the music learning program. There will be singing, following instruction, group action songs, games throughout the lessons.

這個訓練小朋友基本音樂技能的音樂班以英國Jolly Music 教材作基本內容。教的5個音樂技能包括 拍子、節奏、音調、音樂記憶、內在聽覺。Jolly Music 是兩位經驗豐富的音樂老師編寫,他們採用了著名Kodaly 的柯大宜教學法作為本課程的骨幹。每節音樂課都有唱歌、跟隨指令練習、群體律動、遊戲等多種形式的活動。

$2360 /10lessons  

$1180 / 4 lessons 

$100 / trial lesson

  Phonics for Adults  


Hours:9 hours

6 one-and-a-half-hour classes


This class is designed for parents and potential English teachers who have little knowledge on phonetic and phonics. In the course, students will learn to use letter-sounds to blend and spell words. The expected results are proper pronunciation and better understanding of spelling rules.


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