Girls in Painting Class




the edge of art.

We hope to provide most cutting edge art classes to as many children as possible.

Believing in the unlimited creativity of child, we nurture and encourage the expression of their unique vision of the world with our tailor made classes.

Art transcends culture and is holistic in nature. It is a magical elixir that opens up to the enchanting world of wild creativity and the logical world of critical thinking.



. . . . . . . . . . .Teaching Philosophy . . . . . . . . . . .

We believe art is not just merely about training of patience and observations, it is a holistic approach that allows all rounded development.


Through the use of western teaching methods, such as positive teaching and confidence in experimentation, while adapting it to the local community, we aim at cultivating both their artistic talent and emotional awareness.

We are very aware of each child as being unique as they all have different background and characters. Some might even have a slightly slower fine motor or mental development. With those in mind,

we will adopt positive teaching,

hoping  to motivate children with

positivity, aiming to build a healthy

inner self esteem and outer self value.

對着小組的學生,有各式各樣學習問題,ArtsEdge Creative Team會致力尋找各學生的優點,尤其 容易被忽略的藝術過程加以讚賞,目標是希望他們在微細動力下進步,提升孩子的自我形象,我們理解孩子弱項,鼓勵發揮強項。透過父母和老師的認同,才能使孩子重拾正面的自我形象。



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