the edge of art.

We hope to provide most cutting edge art classes to as many children as possible.

Believing in the unlimited creativity of child, we nurture and encourage the expression of their unique vision of the world with our tailor made classes.

Art transcends culture and is holistic in nature. It is a magical elixir that opens up to the enchanting world of wild creativity and the logical world of critical thinking.



. . . . . . . . . . .Teaching Philosophy . . . . . . . . . . .

We believe art is not just merely about training of patience and observations, it is a holistic approach that allows all rounded development.


Through the use of western teaching methods, such as positive teaching and confidence in experimentation, while adapting it to the local community, we aim at cultivating both their artistic talent and emotional awareness.

We are very aware of each child as being unique as they all have different background and characters. Some might even have a slightly slower fine motor or mental development. With those in mind,

we will adopt positive teaching,

hoping  to motivate children with

positivity, aiming to build a healthy

inner self esteem and outer self value.

對着小組的學生,有各式各樣學習問題,ArtsEdge Creative Team會致力尋找各學生的優點,尤其 容易被忽略的藝術過程加以讚賞,目標是希望他們在微細動力下進步,提升孩子的自我形象,我們理解孩子弱項,鼓勵發揮強項。透過父母和老師的認同,才能使孩子重拾正面的自我形象。



. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Meet our team. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Artist, Major in illustration and Design

Chelsea College of Arts (UAL),

MA Interior and Spatial Design


Francesca studied architecture in the UK and later graduated from University of the Arts London with a Master degree in Interior and Spatial Design in 2015. Intrigued by the relation between art and psychology, she has partaken the projective drawing course at HPHI to further explore the subject.


Besides her design work, Francesca often uses illustration as a means to express her emotions and thoughts. She would like to share with her students the joy of creating and self expression through art. She believes that art is not only a great communication tool to others but also to one’s self.

Lamothy Kwok

Artist, Major in Painting and Mixed Media

Chinese University of Hong Kong,

Master of Arts in Visual Culture Studies
Hong Kong Baptist University,

Bachelor of Arts in Visual Arts
(Studio and Media Arts, Communication Studies)


Lamothy Kwok is a Hong Kong-based artist, graduated from Academy of Visual Arts in the Hong Kong Baptist University in 2017 and now further studying in the Chinese University of Hong Kong . 

He likes to try different kinds of art forms in presenting the ideas. Working in variety of materials but maintains a fascination in drawing, painting and printmaking. His works depict simple subjects, which are current issues, thoughts and subtle emotions of human. His ideas are not made but basically born from the surrounding. Art, to him, is showing those common stuffs in a sudden discovery.


Major in Child Psychology 

The Open University of Hong Kong,

Bachelor of Social Sciences with Honours in Psychology

Suet majors in psychology and creative media. She guides students to develop their own observation and organise personal support according to their behaviour. She also wants student can explore their natural abilities through creating their unique experiences in art.

Canace Yuen

Artist, Major in Painting  and Projective drawing

ICHA Projective Drawing Analyst

NGH Certificate Hypnotherapis

RMIT Melbourne, Hong Kong Art School, Bachelor of Arts

(Fine Arts, Painting and Creative media)

Canace study in Hong Kong Art School (HKAS) and did some student therapeutic teaching, creative workshop in different platform in arts. She believes that the arts can heal people’s hearts by showing them different ways of seeing and sensing the world around them.


Canace majored in installation arts and mix-media painting, she did experience her stylish drawing, illustrations in some design works and also built her own language through her arts. Canace is passionate about inspiring students how to enjoy art and get them to think creatively in order to help them express themselves and become well rounded adults

Sammi Mak

Artist, Major in Printmaking and Drawing

Hong Kong Baptist University
Bachelor of Arts in Visual Arts

Mak Wing Sum, Sammi, graduated from the Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University in 2018. She explores the relations of printmaking and drawing. No bounds in creating, as there are already too many limitations in life. She used scattered, yet unforgettable, moments and emotions to create a scenery that she hope would rather be.

Ming Lo

Artist, Major in Installation and Mixed Media 

Yuan Ze University of Taiwan, 

Bachelor of Art in Fine Art

Ming bring her experience in Video Installation and Mix-Media Art into her art education career. 2008-2014 Ming has been living and studying in Taiwan where she majored in Fine Art at Yuan Ze University. Ming also founded an Art Space in Taiwan in 2012, which allowed artists the freedom of presenting their art and Independence in a unique way.


Within ArtsEdge, Ming wishes to share her creative skills with different materials and mediums to excite the children's thinking and their development. Treating them as an artist, sharing the concept of their creations and encouraging independent thinking. 

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